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Forrest General is accredited by DNV Healthcare

Camp Bluebird | Healthy Choices for Healthy Living | Survivorship Care Plan

In cancer, survivorship covers the physical, psychosocial, and economic issues of cancer, from diagnosis until the end of life. It focuses on the health and life of a person with cancer beyond the diagnosis and treatment phases. Survivorship includes issues related to the ability to get health care and follow-up treatment, late effects of treatment, second cancers, and quality of life. Family members, friends, and caregivers are also part of the survivorship experience. (Source: National Cancer Institute)

Forrest General Hospital's cancer program supports survivors by providing services which address the issues of continuing care after treatment. Along with the celebration that follows from a triumph over a life-changing diagnosis comes the recognition that you may need ongoing support as you continue on your life journey. Forrest General hopes to provide you with helpful strategies and resources to address the emotional, familial and practical needs that survivorship brings.

Events Designed for Cancer Survivors:

Camp Bluebird

    • Camp Bluebird is camp designed for adults with a cancer diagnosis. The two-and-a-half-day camp is held at Paul B. Johnson State Park each year. For more information, click here.
Cancer Survivor's Day Picnic
    • Held on the first Friday in June each year, the Cancer Survivor's Day Picnic is truly a celebration of life. It is a gathering of cancer survivors, family members and oncology staff, coming together in an old-fashioned picnic on the grounds of Forrest General's Cancer Center. The theme of this annual picnic is food, fun, and life after a cancer diagnosis.
Cancer Wellness Program

Forrest General's Cancer Wellness program is a comprehensive wellness program reserved and designed for those patients who have been diagnosed with cancer within the past year. The program consists of exercise training, cancer education utilizing the American Cancer Society's "I Can Cope" material, and one-to-one mentoring with a registered dietitian, exercise physiologist and counselor. For more information, click here.

Survivorship Care Plan

Every cancer survivor should have a comprehensive care summary and follow-up plan that is created just for them once they complete cancer treatment. The plan should address needs that a survivor may have to maintain and improve their health and quality of life. A survivorship plan may be created by the physician, a nurse, or even by the patient and family (There are web sites that assist a cancer survivor to develop a survivorship care plan). To find out more about the components needed for a comprehensive Survivorship Care Plan, click here.

Healthy Choices for Healthy Living

There are many choices we make every day. These choices affect our lives and sometimes the lives of others. If we make good, smart decisions, we can be healthier. Click here for 10 general tips that will help you lead a healthier lifestyle.

Survivorship Links


Forrest General is certified as a Primary Stroke Center by DNV Healthcare, Inc.

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