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Forrest General is accredited by DNV Healthcare

The Forrest General Experience...We C.A.R.E.
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The Forrest General Experience...
We C.A.R.E. - Every Patient, Every Time

Forrest General employees and physicians are united by the patients they serve. From those involved with direct patient care to those who work with finances, to those who ensure the safety and cleanliness of Forrest General's facilities, each person is committed to playing an important role in the Patient Experience.

The word "healthcare" contains one of the most important elements of this vital relationship - care - from every employee, for every patient, every time. In recognition of this vital relationship, Forrest General is committed to focus on the Patient Experience.

This commitment to caring is portrayed in the phrase "We C.A.R.E."

The concepts of "We C.A.R.E." are integrated into every aspect of Forrest General's service to our patients, with the goal of creating patients who are not only satisfied, but loyal to Forrest General.

"We C.A.R.E." is the philosophy of Forrest General and describes the very heartbeat of our character and our culture.

Forrest General's Mission includes focused goals, including cultivating an environment of courtesy and compassion and recognizing and emphasizing the patient experience, surrounded by skilled, dedicated and concerned physicians and staff. "We C.A.R.E." is designed to accomplish those goals and more - continuing Forrest General's mission and vision for the communities it serves for generations to come.

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Caring means to be concerned, to show compassion, or to show love
It's not being afraid to shake someone's hand or even giving a hug.

At Forrest General Hospital, patients get quality treatment whether they are rich or poor
That's because we make it our business to show love in every room on every floor.

We must never forget that our patients always come first.
Even when we are having bad days or we feel our worst.

Patients will leave here feeling confident and strong, like they can never be defeated.
Because at this hospital, we treat people the way we would want to be treated.

Whether someone is extremely sick or if they have to go "under the knife;"
I can imagine them screaming from hwy 49, saying "they saved my life"

Let's make sure when ANYONE comes here, they leave with admiration.
So I vow to do my part to continue our positive reputation.

Admiration will come throughout the hospital at every stop.
That includes doing our best in every area, even the cafeteria and gift shop.

We shouldn't be afraid to bring some personality into a room to help someone smile;
Because it's the simple things that make the difference, making everything worthwhile.

No excuses, we will dedicate ourselves to excellence starting today!
We will not take anything for granted because we may need the same help one day.

So, when there is a family shaking their heads and thinking life isn't fair;
They will remember Forrest General Hospital because THEY KNOW we care.

Written By:  Dwight R. Owens


What We C.A.R.E. means to Our Employees 

Joe Campbell, M.D.
"'We C.A.R.E.' means Forrest General and its staff are committed to provide their patients the best healthcare in Mississippi. We are constantly striving to improve every facet of the patient experience and make Forrest General a world-class healthcare facility in every specialty. You can't go anywhere else and get better care."

Steven Farrell, M.D.
Forrest General Chief Medical Officer
"As healthcare providers, our goal is to provide compassionate, quality care; to answer questions of patients and concerned family members, keeping them informed of the best options for their care. We C.A.R.E. involves patients, family members and every staff member who works in our facility. By promoting the 'We C.A.R.E.' idea, we strengthen the bond we have with each of our patients and give them confidence that they are getting the best healthcare available by coming to our hospital."

Tom Messer, M.D.
Executive Medical Director of Cardiovascular Services
"Forrest General was recently honored with the J.D. Power Award, which recognizes high levels of patient satisfaction. Patients expect to receive quality care, but the difference is made when they see in their care. While patients have benefitted from Forrest General's outstanding technology and staff for many years, showing you C.A.R.E. is all about going the extra mile - delivering the same quality care while putting patients and families more at ease through a reassuring touch, comfortable surroundings or a kind word can make a world of difference."

John Nelson, M.D.
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Services Medical Director
"'We C.A.R.E.' encapsulates what we do and why we're in the healthcare field. With the assumption that we have the knowledge and capability, the most important part of healthcare to me is that we care and show compassion and communicate, take action, respect and reassure the patient and empathize and explain."

Steven Stogner, M.D.
Pulmonary Medicine
Critical Care Medical Director

"At Forrest General, we do C.A.R.E. Not only do we practice the highest quality medicine, but we want our patients and their families to know they are special. There is no greater feeling than to be complemented by a patient or his family member on our good care."

Michael Stonnington, M.D.
Medical Staff President
"The ‘We C.A.R.E.' theme at Forrest General Hospital is not simply a collection of letters. It is a philosophy that has true meaning that impacts patients' lives. We value excellence in our care. Integrity at every level will not be compromised, especially in the trauma unit where we need to be compassionate while taking quick action and reassuring the patient and their family they are receiving outstanding care. We work tirelessly to take care of our community and it is a privilege to treat each patient that comes through the emergency room." 


Forrest General is certified as a Primary Stroke Center by DNV Healthcare, Inc.

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