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Forrest General is accredited by DNV Healthcare

Symplicity HTN-3
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Hattiesburg Clinic's Heart & Vascular Services and Hypertension Center, along with Forrest General Hospital, are among 60 institutions nationwide, and the only site in Mississippi, selected to participate in a research study evaluating the efficiency of a radiofrequency catheter used to treat patients with resistant hypertension. This device delivers radiofrequent energy directly inside the kidney arteries to disrupt the nerves that are delivering excessive stimulation to the kidneys, a process that is a cause of severe hypertension. Prior studies conducted outside the U.S. have demonstrated significant blood pressure reduction in patients who have received this therapy. On average, blood pressure was reduced by more than 30 mmHg following treatment.

SYMPLICITY HTN-3 is an international, multi-center, randomized trial. A procedure is conducted through a minimally invasive course of action using the SymplicityTM Catheter. Studies conducted in Europe and Australia have shown the procedure to be safe, with significant and sustained reductions of blood pressure in subjects with uncontrolled blood pressure.

"Too much activity of the nervous system is a major contributor to high blood pressure. When there is excessive nerve output the kidneys are stimulated to increase blood pressure through numerous processes. This study utilizes a new, minimally invasive approach to deactivating the kidneys using 21st century technical advances," says Hattiesburg Clinic interventional cardiologist and peripheral vascular interventionalist, Robert Wilkins, MD.

Bryan Batson, MD, of Hattiesburg Clinic's Hypertension Center believes there are other potential benefits of the study. Batson explains, "Even though we are focused on treating uncontrolled high blood pressure, what we learn could eventually help us develop breakthroughs in the treatment of all forms of elevated blood pressure and possibly other disease states. So far the effects have been outstanding."

In order to participate in SYMPLICITY HTN-3, participants must meet the following criteria.

CLINIC selected to participate in study

•·  Be between the ages of 18 and 80 years old.

•·  Be receiving a stable medication regimen that includes full tolerated doses of three or more anti-hypertensive medications of different classes, one of which must be a diuretic that is expected to be maintained without change for at least six months.

•·  Have an office systolic blood pressure of greater than or equal to 160 mmhg based on an average of readings taken at an initial and confirmatory visit.

•·  Be competent and willing to provide written, informed consent to participate in this clinical study, including all required office visits.

Drs. Wilkins and Batson are co-principal investigators for this trial. Sub-investigators for the trial include Craig Thieling, MD, and Phillip Mellen, MD. For more information or to refer a patient for this trial, please call Hattiesburg Clinic's clinical research coordinator, Frances Findley, at 601-268-5794.


Forrest General is certified as a Primary Stroke Center by DNV Healthcare, Inc.

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