Overview of the Health Information Advisor™ Internet Edition

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The Health Information Advisor™ Internet Edition is a collection of current, dependable health education and advice topics. These fact sheets are written from a consumer's perspective, reviewed annually, and rewritten when needed to reflect new technologies and advances in healthcare.

The Health Information Advisor Internet Edition has two search options. To use the Alphabetical Listing by Topic option, simply click on the letter that corresponds to your subject matter of interest. For example, to view information on migraine headaches, click on the "M" button to reveal all topics that start with "M". You may also choose to browse the health education and advice topics by category. To use this option, click on Category to reveal the 29 Health Information Topic Categories. To find information on allergies, simply click on the category "Allergies" to reveal the underlying topics. Use the buttons on your web browser's toolbar to navigate the system and print a desired topic.

To utilize the audio capabilities of Health Information Advisor Internet Edition, you will need an mp3 audio player, such as Windows Media Player. To download the latest version of Windows Media Player, go to the Table of Contents page and click on the Download Windows Media Player link. This will take you directly to the appropriate web site for simple downloading of the software. After installing the mp3 audio player, you may listen to a health education and advice topic by clicking on the "speaker" icon in the upper right corner of the topic page.

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